Production Co-ordinator

Prashanth (Shan) Gunasekaran

I have worked with different film/production studios nationally and internationally undertaking various responsibilities. Production management and coordination is part of everything I do, whether it is a small project or mainstream project. I have managed and coordinated international films from Malaysia, projects from China and even Rarotonga and my own projects. 

Anita Corcoran

Very experienced department co-ordinator and casting co-ordinator. International credits.

Anna Duckworth

Great CV. Experienced in a variety of roles across Production and Locations.

Bonnie Frires

Experienced Feature and TVC PC, PA, CC, 2nd AD and Loc Coord.

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Bronwen Stewart

Very experienced Production Co-ordinator and Production Manager on local and international productions. Very highly regarded.

Carey Garland

Experienced Production Assistant with plenty of real-world experience and tranferable skills. Great CV!

Eleisha McNeill

Experienced PC and PM. International experience.

Elizabeth Hudson

Energetic and positive personality. Proven ability to multitask, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, very hard working with loads of initiative. Experienced and highly recommended.

Greta Cervin

Experienced TVC Production Coordinator and PA, Cast Co ordinator and Chaperone

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Kate Olive

Experienced PA, PC and CC.

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Lindsay Gough

Experienced Feature Film and TVC PC, 2ndAD and 3rdAD

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Mabelle Teh

Experienced TVC PC, CC, PA, Set PA and Runner.

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Mareena King (nee Facoory)

Experienced Production Manager, Cast Coordinator, Agency Driver, Production Co-ordinator and Production Assistant.

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Melissa Roberts

Experienced TVC PC, PA, Set PA, 3rdAD, Chaperone, Runner and Driver.

Natasha Sinclair

Production Manager/ Co-ordinator/Researcher and Assistant with great experience across the industry. Able to relocate for work, with bases in Auckland and Dunedin.

Paddy (Patricia) Compter

Experienced TVC Production Manager, TVC Production Coordinator, Cast Coordinator and 2nd AD

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Stephen Austin

Experienced TVC and Drama PC and PM.

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Stephie Weststrate

Experienced Feature Film and TVC PC, CC and 2ndAD.

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Steve King

Experienced PM, PC, PA, CC, DA, 3rdAD and Autocue Op.

Direct contact only. No booking agent.

Tom Boniface-Webb.

Excellent credits on international and local productions. Highly regarded.