Video Assist Assistant

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Louis Cassells

Queenstown-Based Experienced Feature Film, Drama and TVC 2AC. James Louis Cassells CV Nov2020

Rohan Satyanand

Experienced Video Engineer, Playback Operator and DIT.  Senior Mocap Video Engineer at Weta Digital, video operator/ technician on studio features, independents, commercials and live broadcasts.  Credits in NZ, Australia, USA and Canada. CV rSatyanand_180218 (1)

Andy Lau

Experienced Drama and TVC 1st and 2ndAC, DW and Video Split. Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032, CV A Lau 17

Martin Le Breton

Experienced video operator/technician. 7 years of experience acquired in New Zealand and Europe in broadcast and movie industries. On set, above the technical aspect, I enjoy being focus of the continuity of the story and the shooting, and connecting closely and quickly to every department needs. CV_MLB_2021