Video Assist Assistant

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Rohan Satyanand

Experienced Video Engineer, Playback Operator and DIT.  Senior Mocap Video Engineer at Weta Digital, video operator/ technician on studio features, independents, commercials and live broadcasts.  Credits in NZ, Australia, USA and Canada. CV rSatyanand_180218 (1)

Andy Lau

Experienced Drama and TVC 1st and 2ndAC, DW and Video Split. Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032, CV A Lau 17

Martin Le Breton

Experienced video operator/technician. 7 years of experience acquired in New Zealand and Europe in broadcast and movie industries. On set, above the technical aspect, I enjoy being focus of the continuity of the story and the shooting, and connecting closely and quickly to every department needs. CV:CV_Martin_Le_Breton_l_0