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Michael Samlenski

Experienced PA, Set PA, 3rd AD, Driver etc, with good credits in Locations, Transport and Production departments. Hire with confidence! CV Michael Samlenski

Danyelle Wilson

Gaining experience as PA and Assistant Director. Good CV with some excellent credits, with full driver’s license. Danyelle Wilson Resume – Film & TV


Content creator and film maker with a diverse range of completed projects. CV PRASHANTH GUNASEKARAN

James Hogg

A versatile and adaptable industry professional. An asset to any crew! James Hogg 2020 Resume    

Greg Aubourg

Award winning commercial DOP and DP/Director. Great credits and reel. CV Gregoire Aubourg CREDITS May 2020 Gregoire Aubourg CV May 2020

Shaun Pettigrew

British Kiwi Shaun Pettigrew is a freelance director of photography and filmmaker based in Auckland, New Zealand making digital content for clients, production companies, social media platforms and advertising industries in the Oceania and South East Asia regions. CV Shaun Pettigrew CV

Olivia Haran

Great CV, with good international credits. CV Olivia Haran. Production C.V. Jan 2020

Romani Lawson

Very experienced and popular in all support roles. Fantastic CV. CV RLawson_2020_CV

Jonathan Zsofi

Experienced DA and 3AD. Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032, CV J Zsofi 19

Jonathan Atkinson.

Researcher, production assistant and all ’round production demon with great credits. Plenty of international experience. CV CV for Jonathan Atkinson (Dec 18)

Sara Hewson

Excellent credits across a range of roles. Great CV, and plenty of experience.

Nicole Chen

Great CV and a fantastic worker. Experienced right across the set. Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. CV Nicole Chen’s CV internship. 2018

Tom Molyneux

International experience and some great credits. BBC trained. Driver’s License. CV Tom Molyneux CV December 2018

Amy Ergle

Experienced AD and PA, with great international credits.   CV AD Resume 2018

Ben Fransham

Top guy, experienced on both sides of the camera. Highly recommended for all PA, Runner, 3rd AD, Location Assist etc type work. Also a Movement Coach and qualified TACFIT instructor. Full driver’s license of course. CV Ben Fransham CV 2018

Gareth Ruck

One of the most versatile and likeable crew members we have ever met. Can cover 3rdAD, EPK and BTS shooting and edit, also a noted sound editor and occasional stunt performer! Top guy, great CV. CV Gareth Ruck Film CV April 2018

Craig Howard

Experienced TVC DOP and Director, specialising in food, product and tabletop shooting. Owner/designer/operator of Zhuter Tracker (close up tracking system). Direct contact only. No booking agent. CV Craig Howard CV

Kirsty Beaton

Over three years experience of working in the film industry in the UK and Denmark. Has direct experience of handling the duties of a PA, including for the actor and presenter David Walliams, and has previous experience as an Office Runner and Script Reader. Full, clean drivers license. CV Kirsty Beaton CV 2017

Qianying Zhou (Joy)

Major international credits. Fluent in English and Mandarin. Fantastic CV. CV Qianying Zhou_Production CV_2017JUNE (1)

Tom Boniface-Webb.

Excellent credits on international and local productions. Highly regarded. CV Tom Boniface-Webb – CV – July 2017