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Local Security.

We are a specialist Film and Production focused security company. Apart from location security, trucks & equipment. We deal with live TV, studio audiences, news crew protection, protection of TV presenters and crews (both personnel and equipment) at live events. We also have staff that have film & TV location experience.

Louise Spraggon

Experienced TVC/DRAMA 3AD, 2AD TRAINEE, DRIVER, SAFETY, ART DEPARTMENT ASSISTANT, CHAPERONE. Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032, CV L Spraggon 20

Peak Safety

Peak Safety offers a complete film site safety and medical service. We can provide: Safety managers and support staff. Risk assessments.  On–set medics. All of our medics are trained and experienced in safety and emergency management in outdoor  locations. Doctors and advanced medical services also available. Accident management kits including oxygen, defibrillation, spine immobilisation etc.…

John Osborne

Highly experienced Stunt Coordinator, Safety Coordinator, Marine Coordinator and Stunt Performer. Many international credits. CV John Osborne C.V

Paul Andreassend

Highly experienced and qualified film safety service. Alpine and water work a specialty. Paul Andreassend  

Deane Lucas

Experienced safety supervisor. Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,

Lifeguard & Safety Ltd.

Experienced safety supervisors. Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032,