Danny Williams

Experienced Gaffer (with truck).

Agent: Filmcrews +64 9 632 1032, mail@filmcrews.co.nz


I have been involved in the Film Industry for over 28 years. Many of New Zealand’s top Directors, Producers and DOP’s, consider me to be the one of countries most experienced and qualified gaffer/lighting directors. I now find myself sought after for high profile international commercial assignments, long may it continue. For the right work I will travel and work anywhere within NZ and internationally. I feel my specific skills are an ability to read and act on any situation to produce the look the DOP has asked for with minimum fuss. I believe my communication skills are excellent.

Work Philosophy:

I like to put the work in up front so the cinematographer and Director can focus on shooting with absolute confidence and that the lighting is being actioned to the look and feel that has been discussed.

Brief History and Highlights Drama Productions:


2011 ‘Cardinal’ dvd game cinema release. Dir Lee Tamahori, DP Ian Paul. 


2008 ‘The Lovely Bones’ Gaffer VFX/Heaven Unit shooting Queenstown and Miramar Studios 5 weeks. DP Andrew Lesnie, Director Peter Jackson.


2007/08 ‘Laundry Warrior’ as Lighting Director. DP Woo-Hyung Kim Dir Sngmoo Lee. Large studio shoot, co-ordinating and lighting for both units.


2006/07 ‘The Waterhorse ‘ 2nd unit. Dir/DP John Maffaffie. At times run as a parallel main unit. Large night shoots, soft sun, lighting strikes etc. 10 weeks.


2005 summer, finishing of ‘KK’ 2nd Unit. Commissioning lighting package required for King Kong miniatures unit.


2004 August start ‘King Kong’ 2nd unit 18 weeks total production.


2003 ‘ Master and Commander‘ six week miniatures with Weta workshop for the Peter Wier Film. Large blue screen and key lighting set-up, shot at 96-120 fps. Dir, Brian Van’t Hul. dp Richard Bluck .Designer Richard Taylor .


2001, planning, design and supply of equipment for Lord of the Rings ‘Faghorn Forest Sets’-6 month contract.


2000, Supply of all lighting equipment for Sony Pictures ‘Vertical Limit’.  Including design and installation of a Power-lock studio Distribution system, a first for NZ at that stage.


Lighting Philosophy:

Looking for simple strong systems. Also prioritising of options with an emphasis on providing flexibility.


I have been involved in the production of over 300 TVC’s including several stints overseas. My work recently includes:


2010 ‘Axe Hair’ tvc Cherokee Films Tim Godsall dir , Simon Duggan dp

2010 ‘Old spice’ tvc Cherokee Films Tim Godsall dir, Simon Duggan dp

2010 Revolver ‘Heineken’ Steve Rogers dir Geoffery simpson dp

2010 Radical media‘Hyundai’ Christopher Riggert dir Sebastian Pfaffenbichle dp

2010 Cherokee “Magners” Ivan Zacharias dir Jan Velicky dp

2010 ‘Muller’ MJZ prod Rocky Morton dir Ben Davis dp

2010 two birds prod Tony Redman dir Conrad slack dp


2009 Cherokee Ray Dillman dir Thomas Oleirsson dp

2009 Robbers Dog/Aero Films Director/Dp Ken Arlidge

2009 ‘Gilidden’ Rocky Morton dir Pieter Vermeer dp

2009 ‘Jameson’ Noam Murro dir Simon Duggan dp


2008 Continued work on commercials, hiatus taken in last half of year.


2007 Shoot NZ ‘Budweiser’ TVC dp Bob Richardson

2007 Shoot NZ ‘Budweiser 2 ‘ TVC dp James Cowley dir Chris Woods

2007 Ninetendo TVC dp Rolf Kestermann dir Jessie Dylan

2007 Rexona TVC’s dp Christopher Soos dir Matthijs van Heijningen


2006 ‘BNZ ‘ campaign dp Gary Wapshott dir Josh Frizell

2006 Cherokee Films dp Frederick Elmes dir Virginia Lee Green Dot Films

2006 Prodigy Films ‘Vivendi TVC dp Glynn Speeckaert dir Xavier Mairesse


2005 Lion Witch and the Wardrobe Pick up’s Dir Andrew Adamson dp Don McApline

2005 VW international tvc dp Andrew Lesnie dir Caroline Cunningham

2005 Nutragrain tvc dp Andrew Lesnie dir Lance Kellerher 8 commercials

2005 ‘Cheetos’ TVC 9 day shoot North American market dp Ron Fortunato


2004 Sept ‘Air NZ’ tvc Russel Boyd dp James Holt dir

2004 Sept Pick-ups ‘The Great White’ Peter James dp Mark Mylod dir

2004 ‘King Kong ‘ 19 weeks dir Randy Cook dp Richard Bluck+


2003 ‘Saab’ Aero Sport campaign dir Mehdi Norowzian dp Zubin Mistry

2003 Toyota Prado tvc Cranbrook dir Roger Tompkins dp Keith Wagstaff

2003 Milka tvc dp Brian Dapp

2003 ‘Fa Spec ‘ Silverscreen dir Terrance Stevens-Prior dp Paul Herley


2002 Andrew Lesnie dp ‘Australian Milk tvc ‘

2002 Eight Com, Sal Taltino dp Mazda dir Lance Kellerher

2002 Cherokee Films, Michael Wood dp Jonathan Darby dir

2002 Toyota Lexus Spain Campaign, dir/dp Peter Smillie

2002 Alliance Trust Film Deluxe, dir Brent Harris, dp Jo Molitoris

2002 Air New Zealand Auckland Film Co dir Tony Williams dp Nick Mayo

2002 Scott tissues Cherokee dir David Jellison dp Mauro Fiore


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